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Flix is re-branding! (just a little)

Hello Flix followers!

Today we’re excited to present our new studio logo. After much thought (and a tremendous amount of coffee and tea) as a games studio, we recognised that our brand should more closely reflect that. So we’ve gone all 3D and fancy on ourselves with the most recent incarnation. Let us know your thoughts on the changes as we continuously evolve like some kind of geeky cyborg.

We hope you’ve been enjoying all of our Eden Star updates over the last 6 months since the games initial Early Access release on Steam at the end of January this year. Eden Star is at the forefront of our focus right now, so there are a lot of positive things happening in preparation for our next big mile stone, the multiplayer co-op release. 

You can follow our progress by keeping in touch. Follow us on Facebook here. If you happen to be an Eden Star stalker and want to get involved in a unique Sci-Fi co-op experience you can find the game on Steam here 

Thanks for the continued support!

– Team Flix