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Flix is proud to be at the forefront of game design innovation. Using the latest technology and expertise in cross platform development, we are looking to push the boundaries of the gaming experience. With our proffessional knowledge across multiple engines including Unreal, Unity, and a multitude of web based solutions. Whether genre defining blockbuster or commercial app, we develop bespoke products tailored to your needs.


  • Design: Due diligence is a large part of any well thought out design. We make sure we consider every factor when designing the mechanics of your game and the impact and usability for the targeted platform and the audience.
  • Development: Our skilled artists and programmers specialise in the development process for multiple devices, from concept to 2D or 3D animation and implementation, there is nothing we can’t visually and technically achieve.
  • Production: Everything in the development pipeline is managed by experienced and dedicated producers who understand time limitations and critical milestone delivery constraints which are essential to keeping your project on budget.
  • QA Testing: Our testing department is small but focused and agile. We can introduce a flexible number of testers to suit a projects requirements ensuring it has the feedback and rigerous testing required to maintain a high quality.
  • Deployment: With the powerful games toolsets at our disposal we can rapidly get your game up and ready for sale on your specfied platform/platforms, also offering the right advice on howto push sales and marketability.


  • PC 
  • Xbox One
  • PlayStation 4
  • Mobile
  • Mac

To find out more about what we provide and how we can make your next project into a success you can contact us here or alternatively give us a call on 0121 572 0898 and we’ll be glad to discuss your project in further detail with you.